Our perfect Kombucha recipe

After months of testing, we have finally found the recipe that works best for our scobies in our location.   Everyone will have a slightly different outcome depending on the weather conditions of their city and scoby, but so far, in autumn, this is our #1   3 Cups of White sugar 45 grams of […]

Some recent spam

I got some spam recently, but they must have failed to parse their email correctly, so it came out raw, it is a little bit interesting. Though it was very long, here is a small snippet: { {I have|I’ve} been {surfing|browsing} online more than {three|3|2|4} hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like […]

Caps lock

Was ranting to grg today about how capslock is the worst key ever invented on a keyboard and how no one has ever used it ever. Then I googled it, and found some other people agree: http://capsoff.org/history Nice to know. … the Caps Lock key has been little used, with some people claiming they use […]

2013. Thanks.

2013 Highlights and thanks: Went to 6 counties. Succeeded in travelling the Leh-Manali road. Got to visit my family back in NZ Attended my little brothers wedding Met my uncle whom I had not seen for many years, who then passed on a few months ago. Had a sauna in wellingon! My student loan was […]

just thinking about the internet..

If you can make something, that would be used for both great good and evil, is it worth making? it is ok to make? should you make it? how do you decide? how do you weigh it up? God made free will, which is the source of great good and also great evil. Love comes […]

Hello world!

And today, from my sweltering room atop a house in calcutta, i begin to move to wordpress on this site. This should make things easier 🙂


its nice to be in an office again. having time to write some codes. its been a good few weeks in singapore now, and slowly getting into the flow of things. this week i am moving into android app dev, which is turning out to be quite awesome funnily enough. i get the nagging feeling […]