Changing to access Github via SSH instead of HTTPS

Recently I finally got around to adding my public key into my Github account, as described here But then there is one more step you have to do to your already existing checked out projects to get them to use this. That is update the origin to use SSH and not HTTPS. So cd to […]

In Nelson

Arrived in NZ last week. Spent a few days slowly working my way down the country, stopping off at friends and family on the way. Have made it to George’s house at long last. This is what we have been making for the last few days: Anyways, in Nelson now.. starting a new stage. […]

Deploying Symfony2 on Dreamhost

There is a few things I had trouble with getting Symfony2 to work on Dreamhost shared hosting. All in all it was quite a mission. So here are some of my steps to help for next time. We would like to use PHP 5.4. But default the PHP Cli is 5.2. So some changes are […]

Barasat, Calcutta, India.

Arrived safe and sound in Calcutta, for the fourth or fifth time. Caught up with David and his family. Got old room back. Schemed about the future. Prayed. Finished setting up room. Not so hot. This is going to be a good season I feel. Tired now though. Excited to see what tomorrow holds.

2013. Thanks.

2013 Highlights and thanks: Went to 6 counties. Succeeded in travelling the Leh-Manali road. Got to visit my family back in NZ Attended my little brothers wedding Met my uncle whom I had not seen for many years, who then passed on a few months ago. Had a sauna in wellingon! My student loan was […]

WordPress: How to create a new role in a plugin

Some notes to remember how to create a special functions in a plugin that can only be seen by a user with that role only. Note this saves to the database, so add it in your plugin activation codes: $result = add_role(   ‘role_name’,    __( ‘Fancy Role Name’ ),      array(      ‘my_custom_capacity’ => true, […]

just thinking about the internet..

If you can make something, that would be used for both great good and evil, is it worth making? it is ok to make? should you make it? how do you decide? how do you weigh it up? God made free will, which is the source of great good and also great evil. Love comes […]