Our perfect Kombucha recipe

After months of testing, we have finally found the recipe that works best for our scobies in our location.   Everyone will have a slightly different outcome depending on the weather conditions of their city and scoby, but so far, in autumn, this is our #1   3 Cups of White sugar 45 grams of […]

React 101 – Components must start with capitals

A very important bit of doc to read: https://facebook.github.io/react/docs/jsx-in-depth.html#html-tags-vs.-react-components TL;DR:   <component /> compiles to React.createElement(‘component’) (html tag) <Component /> compiles to React.createElement(Component) <obj.component /> compiles to React.createElement(obj.component)

Backbone Paginator Server Sorting

Recently I had to sort a collection using server mode (that is, doing a fetch for each page). It turns out this was not a simple as it seemed, needing to pass some extra options to the mode switching to stop the state being lost (as I could not set the pagination mode on the […]

Nested Marionette Behaviors

Today I was having trouble with Nested Behaviors in Marionette 2.4.2. The trouble was, how do I get options into my behaviors in behaviors? Here is my situation: view.js: View.Main = Marionette.ItemView.extend({ … behaviors: { // named so the sub behavior can access this! behaviorName: { data: ‘someData’, behaviorClass: BehaviorName, } } … }); Then […]

Some recent spam

I got some spam recently, but they must have failed to parse their email correctly, so it came out raw, it is a little bit interesting. Though it was very long, here is a small snippet: { {I have|I’ve} been {surfing|browsing} online more than {three|3|2|4} hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like […]

Caps lock

Was ranting to grg today about how capslock is the worst key ever invented on a keyboard and how no one has ever used it ever. Then I googled it, and found some other people agree: http://capsoff.org/history Nice to know. … the Caps Lock key has been little used, with some people claiming they use […]

Publishing a Yeoman generator and its sub generators.

So I have a Yeoman generator that helps scaffold a Backbone.Marionette application using the module paradigm, which is all good. Though I did get a little caught out when publishing the sub-generator component of it. That is so you can do things like yo marionette-modules:module aSubModule, to get a module generated. The :module part was […]