Cordova 3.0 www/res extra images remove

When building a Cordova 3.0 project lots of extra images get added in. As of now I have no idea how to exclude them in the normal build process: cordova build ios etc. They are from the www/res/icons and www/res/splash folders Here are the steps I take to remove them: For Android I just run […]

Everything they can to do nothing

Under a week till the elections for the constitution are meant to take place. 7 years since peace ‘began’. Some snippets from the news in the last 2 days: At least eight vehicles were torched and vandalised, while over 10 ‘bombs’ were disposed off on Monday, the first day of the 10-day banda called by […]

Here and there

June 2013. Went to NZ, Attended my brothers wedding Went to One Sound Rode my friends 750 motorbike Made some cash for compassion hitching around new Zealand Finally became free of nits July 2013. Went to Singapore, Ate whack meats Beer (Living with an Irish man) Swimming, running and coding Visited Malaysia and Indonesia Oct […]