From Singapore to India.

The last few months, in summary, Singapore:

Singapore was nice. Though if I had to describe it in two words, as I think someone once asked me, I would say prostitutes and cupcakes. Perhaps two of the most common things you walk into around the city.

This is part of the down side of Singapore being ‘nice’. Every block you have these cupcake stores of these perfectly made little bite sized treats.

The downside to this veil of pristine tidyness, is that in a culture that chases money so fiercely, the human nature filled with all it’s evil is bound to spill out some where.

I guess that’s why it’s officially one the most saddest country’s in the world. But its an interesting stat, the money city, the cupcakes and perfection city, full of death and decay. All work and all play.. just makes you sad.

Ps. Sorry Singapore, I actually love you, I had a great time running on your roads and eating your delicious Muslim foods, roti’s and hawlker stuff, but that food, as close as it is to perfection, cannot satisfy a ┬ásoul right.

I also made a few other visits while I was there, mostly because you can only stay a month on the tourist visa, so it kinda enforces a little break every now and then

Also found my old home from 1988 ish

Which presented a nice challenge to us, my friend I was staying with, Gus, is running a marathon in 3 months or something, so in training for it, we caught the MRT upto this house in Sembawang, looked around, then ran back home to the east cost. That’s the whole way from the top to the bottom of the country, a good 23-25k’s.

Though most of my time was spent indoors, working on our super secret software project that bought me here

And hopefully will bring me back again some day. Who knows.

Now catching up to current events, arrived in India roughly a week ago. Calcutta, great to be here, my third visit in three years I think. Great to be greeted by the pure chaos of mental that this city is.

My friend david nicely set me up with a room at the top of a house just around the corner from him.



As I was writing this a blimmin bat just flew into the ceiling fan!
I just saw something flash though the window, then bam, dead bat on floor… awww, now I have to clean it up.

Rule one, at night, close windows.

Later on that day as we went visit some of the houses of the tutors at our Education Care Unit, I found myself sitting in a small mud shack, reclining back on a plastic red picnic table chair (much like the ones in the photo of my room above, turns out everyone has these things), sipping freshly milked and steaming cows milk, as the day sweltered on, getting fanned from the heat by the father of the house, while chatting away to David, the founder of MWF, about the matters at hand.

An amusing picture to imagine. This little old black man, who pulls a cart for a living, the sole support of his family, having 3 daughters, as there is no-one else to work sweating himself as he fanns me.

It took me like 5 minutes fighting him to get him to stop and relax. (After perhaps enjoying it for a little while first)

We also made a trip down to Puri, Odrisa. Stayed at an AOG Church which triples as an orphanage and school too. Was awesome. They had almost 100 boys and 200 girls living there.


Arrived just in time for the cyclone too!


Went swimming, once phailin left that is.


And now it’s back to work, website is coming along nicely. Should have some new news there shortly.

A sneak preview: (hard to see, but check top right ish)

On the right you can see the foundation we have begun.

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