PhoneGap, Cordova: Cannot call method ‘alert’ of undefined at file..

Note to self. Say you are using Cordova, and you think you can just add in any old navigator.notification.* (navigator.notification.confirm) method you want.  Well, first, please remember to read the documentation. Perhaps installing the dependencys would be nice. If notification looks undefined, thats because it is.   cordova plugin add try: cordova plugin add […]

supernatual programming

im not even joking. it exists. countless times i have been stuck, sometimes for days going round in cicles,  and much to my shame, sometimes it does take me days to finally click that i am not alone,  and call out to my master for help. for he is supreme in all things. again i […]


its nice to be in an office again. having time to write some codes. its been a good few weeks in singapore now, and slowly getting into the flow of things. this week i am moving into android app dev, which is turning out to be quite awesome funnily enough. i get the nagging feeling […]

Geodesic API calls

Currently the doc says ‘misc.echo’ is a valid call.
Though on doing so we get:
-32601 : Doh! Server error. Requested method misc.echo does not exist. 
Answer? You need to prefix with ‘core’:
Eg: $client->query(‘core.misc.echo’)
Note: Working from the example addon and,developers;remote_api;start/