the resistance

destruction, pollution. debris and chaos. these are the city’s new allies. these are those with whom she now has close acquaintance.



rest, ah rest. one must take it where he can. observe the observers, they have adapted.


though true rest is no longer found here. those that settle down in the illusion, for those that make a home, sight quickly dulls, as their guard lapses, they are easy targets.



the mystery he holds, unfolded, revealed, is exceedingly great, and powerful enough to regenerate even the darkest and most hardened among the enemies ranks. even to restore a fallen brother, though, not without the aid of much mechanics.


the dusty roads, the rising dirt. visible only through the apporaching headlights. the city buzzing again, after days of slience.


the machines have been at it again internal conflict has left their house divided


though it is the small ones at the foundations that suffer, life on hold five days in seven.



he has journeyed long, though has only just begun. this is his story. this is the underground.


welcome to the resistance.

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