your city on a good day eh

A lovely day here in the Valley. Sunny, clear, a little warm though with the small reminant of winter still giving things a good balance.


The view coming home, this might bring fond memories for those of you who have visited:


its hard to tell, but the mountians up the top of the road are still a touch snow capped. i have no idea how to make it look as awesome in a photo as it does in real life, so you just have to imagine this long road fading up into the himalyas being really really lovely.


so anyway i feel really blessed today. apart from the lovely weather and stuff, i just got home from church where i met again more wonderful people and so far have added to my schedule a weekly mens breakfast bible study. ah and also there is this special guest french lecture guy who is an astrophysist’s and speaking next week somewhere too, how exciting!


(and after another few rounds of small lice type animal removal from my head they are mostly gone now too. though this time they also made it down into my beard, once again i am clean uncle!)


in other less great news, i read this in the paper last week in a review about kathmandu:


5000 children are living or working on the streets, 10000-15000 women and girls are trafficed to india anually and 7500 are trafficked domestically for commercial sexual exploitation.

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