it begins, though it has long since begun. part one. an introduction.

a lone warrior rests. taking in the view from atop a small hill. providing some form of safety as dusk is rapidly setting in. he knows he best return soon, these parts are not favourable to one such as him in these hours. though then again, all the days are as night now.


since that fateful time, that day, that one moment when all things changed. one must be constantly alert. so, while he can, he surveys the surrounding region. searching, looking for signs. signs of the awakening, signs of the others.


all hope is not lost, he is assured there are more to come.


clarity is a gift possessed by only those of the regeneration. the natural models do not understand this, and thus an edge is given. with this he sees he his not alone. though presently only one man stands on this hill.


4:45. a beeper sounds. he knows he best be moving soon.


what passes for light at this hour is gone before it comes.

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