a new season

lunch: powdered corn from pieces of news paper:




let me take a few moments to explain how this came to be on the menu. there is no power so we cannot really cook anything, well we can, but there is also a gas shortage and we have almost finished our last cylinder. though even if was possible to buy another one, we also have no money. so that explains the dry instant food. now add on top of that the current season, known as dry season. this season lives up to its name, as there has also been no water in the pipes for over 3 days. so we need to eat our uncooked dry foods from things that do not require water to clean, hence the paper ‘plates’.


it perhaps could sound a little troubling. but its not. no one even thinks twice about it, and after you add a little chilli and salt, was really delicious. infact, we even started cooking by fire, and all the children got to bust out their village stlyes! you can see above dev’s sister making pop corn. yum!


welcome to kathmandu. (check compassion for more info)


speaking of the valley, recently also i have been exploring more of our side of it, two of the boys here are awesome runners, so we have been taking regular trips around the various back roads and up into the hills here. I push them quite hard too and they keep up, its amazing what young kids can do. Though we have only been doing runs around the 10k mark, its still quite a challange, as I notice my slightly aging body taking longer to recover than theirs. very enjoyable to say the least though.


in other news, i went to a white person church this past weekend. was great. well, it was the most white people i have seen in over a year. it was also great getting to speak fast, fluenent, english, complete with all the terms of speech that only a native fully understands. i also met this awesome american guy who has been living here for over 10 years, so hes going to teach me some secrets of the city as we plan to meet up for coffee this week. great to have a new friend!

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