Rice trees, we need rice trees.

“ok ok now we just need some rice trees to feed the sheeps. you know what I mean right?” “yup yup” I reply “we need hay to feed the goats”.


Ahh how literal and weird translations never cease to amuse me.


oh so i just had a new experience. i was delivered my morning coffee just recently.. which my indian father loves to do each morning. but this time instead of letting me drink it in a daze as i slowly wake, he stood there watching. my curiosity piqued. i look in the cup. black as usual, no problem. what could it be. i smell, yup nescafe.. still nothing unusual so far. tentatively i take a sip. bam. what the! lemon! he has put a whole buncha lemon juice in our coffees this morning. he smiles lovingly back at me as i look up in shock. but actually, they complement each other really well. i recommend you inform your morning coffee provider to make the necessary adjustments. my two other favourite coffee additives are chili and cardamon.


no other news really though, i just wanted to share that funny story, also study is going well:


oh actually, check out: www.compassionbengal.com. its an awesome new project of a good friend of mine.

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