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eek, just read this in the nepali paper: “88 hours a week power cuts with effect from Monday”. thats 10-14 hours a day of no power so soon in the year, things not looking good for the dry season. (though india is ment to send some power up this way soon)

also “A group of Nepal police officers are being investigated for operating a butcher’s shop from their station and slaughtering goats when they should have been fighting crime.”


in other not so funny news, one person dies every 90 seconds from the poor mans disease TB. You know, the thing we started curing 100 years ago. Turns out there is no point curing a thing if the people that it affects also have no money. The distribution of tuberculosis is not uniform across the globe; about 80% of the population in many Asian and African countries test positive in tuberculin tests, while only 5–10% of the U.S. population test positive.”

in things i have been doing news, i have just re-launched the vocab learning website we made 2 years ago. now with nepali added. this should come in handy this year: http://drvocab.com

in other nepali language learning news, there is a construct in nepali to talk about people as inanimate objects. you use it when talking about people that you own, like when you barter about your daughters wedding, you refer to her just as another one of your belongings, thus droping the animation referer. but the reverse is also true, so you can refer to a rock as an animate thing, you would do this for example if you were going to worship said rock and wanted to talk about it(now aka him/her).

other intresting and less questionable facts i have learnt recently include the word for ‘the day after tomorrow’ and ‘the day before yesterday’. pretty handy words those are. also there are two words for ‘shelter’, one meaning ‘shelter from the sun’ and the other ‘shelter from the rain’.

intresting eh. for all their quick handy short words, they still don’t have enough time to make toilets for the majority of the country.

also 800 million people in india live on under 50 cents a day. how does this kinda stuff happen?


“It is so easy to be seduced by the good to the neglect of the best, until both the good and the best perish.” EM Bounds.

yesterday i read this^^ oh mister EM Bounds, i know exactly what you mean. infact i wrote a short poem recenly that sounds very similar to this.


ps: like the new font?



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