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eek, just read this in the nepali paper: “88 hours a week power cuts with effect from Monday”. thats 10-14 hours a day of no power so soon in the year, things not looking good for the dry season. (though india is ment to send some power up this way soon)
also “A group of Nepal police officers are being investigated for operating a butcher’s shop from their station and slaughtering goats when they…

Rice trees, we need rice trees.

“ok ok now we just need some rice trees to feed the sheeps. you know what I mean right?” “yup yup” I reply “we need hay to feed the goats”.   Ahh how literal and weird translations never cease to amuse me.   oh so i just had a new experience. i was delivered my […]

Can God replicate Himself?

No, of course not, that is a crasy idea!

There are many things He cannot do based upon who He is. Although that sounds suspicious, it is not so, for it is only based upon our difficulties in understanding His mysteries. A W Tozer says it well:

“It is, for instance, to rob Him of His infinitude: there cannot be two unlimited substances in the universe. It is to take away His sovereignty: there cannot…

I would of loved to have tea with this guy

I love it when old guys get worked up, check out this following passage from Pascal in his Pensees. I imagine him writing each line and stopping in exclamation ‘gah!’ as he shakes his head and he proceeds to write the next, each with increasing rapidity: “I can only feel compassion for those who are distressed sincerely by their doubts, and who regard it as their greatest misfortune. These spare no effort…