At Barasat, Kolkuta.

while the sun was setting and the icy winds began to rush by us faster and faster. as we careened down what was passing for the nepali highway in this part of town. i turn my head to dev my passenger behind me and yell: ‘hey dev, how far till we get to our destination for the night?’. he replies yelling back to be heard over the blaring horns all around us: ‘umm, two jungles’.


so anyway, my nepali visa finished for the year. 150 days completed. i am now in kolkuta again with my friend David (who i met when i was staying at the orphanage here in may). he has nicely shacked me up with his parents and here i intend to stay for the next 6 weeks or so. That is, before i head back upto nepal in feb ish to begin my studies for the year.


so david is a pastor guy here. he is very awesome. i have been visiting around with him and getting a feel for the work going on here and what the needs are. we have come up with an awesome action plan for the next stage of the ministry he is doing and i will be building a website over my time here to help make this whole situation more visible. I have become concerned about the scandalous wealth imbalance in the body of Christ (which you cannot avoid noticing if you come to the developing world) and I have been working on a thing regarding this. I am also happy to use the word scandalous as it is a rarely used word, and rightly I guess, scandals are not good things. anyway, it is all actually quite exciting but i wont reveal much yet, though i know it is next to impossible to be excited about something you dont know anything about yet, though trust me, this one will be oh so good, hopefully noone will come away unscathed.


ummm in awesome achievement news, i have now been to 4 out of the 7 (or 8, i forget) of nepals borders, sadly the last ones are going to be a little harder to cross as they are in the far far west.


Recently david assigned me some homework, which is reading the history of Serampore. There is plenty of info around the house here, since his thesis was on William Carey, so there is no shortage of study materials . Next week we are going to go visit and tour around all the things Mr.Carey started and did whilst were are on some other work in the area. Fun tiems.


Currently reading: Nothing

Just finished: Simply Christian – Tom Wright, The mind on fire – Pascal and An Introduction to Indian Church history.


thanks to whoever gave me the books.


ps: another travel rule i forgot to add:

10 – A few things come to mind as examples, but since i cant quite seem to find the common best course of action, i will make this rule one step removed, there it is: some things you can only learn the hard way. (though on the bright side, your disaster stories will always be the funnyist and most interesting.)


11 – When purchasing items. If it can be opened, open it and check. Sometimes things are not as new or unused as they seem. Being in a box or container implies nothing. Make sure your products are full.


pps: here is mee eating some food last month, boy was I hungry:

yum matt, great chowchow


“who will you pray too when you are standing in flames? you cant pray to Jesus he wont know your name” .Tourniquet

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