Travel lessons and rules so far.

Some lessons learnt from India. In chronological order:


  1. Listen for the Lord at all times. Also: wait on Him. A great way to not do everything the hard way.
    1. Give thanks at all times, it truly could be way worse
    2. Bless all food and drink you consume.
  2. Almost never go with the first option.
    1. Especially if it is in a main area [tourist market] Infact, don’t ever buy from there there is a way way cheaper to get the exact copy one block away.
  3. Do not wear white. You can’t even keep it clean in the west, what are you thinking.
  4. Rules concerning trains
    1. Book at least one day in advance, normally it is best to just goto the train station. is ok if you can get a seat tho normally you need to book a good few days in advance as the stations reserve lots of tickets and thus waitlists are longer online.
    2. Which berth to get. (Always assuming you only travel SL) Going upper for sleeper give you way more privacy and means you get to sleep whenever you want. The only down side is you have to sacrifice some space if you want to keep your luggage in hand. The bottom sleeper is more social, but you have to wait till night to sleep, as people will all share and sit there. The middle is just crap.
    3. Night trains are best. Also stick to traveling only about 12 hours max. Else the following night traveling pro’s and con’s merge.
      • Pros – way way less hassle from people (trannys etc), get a ‘free’ night accommodation, you dont have to worry about getting up on time to make it to the station. You also don’t waste a day traveling and don’t have to look for a hotel at dusk.
      • Cons – Less good views, though you normally get some. (This is normally not a big deal as might you will sleep in the day anyway) Have to carry around luggage most of the day if you can’t store it at your hotel after checkout. (Though you normally can find someplace thats ok with this)
  5. Always check things before you walk away
    1. Do not just pretend to count your change, do it properly. Also add up menu items yourself. You will save lots of money in the long run. Also it is kind of expected.
    2. Make sure to check the seal on your water as soon as it is handed to you.
    3. Do not touch the bottle with your lips. Most things sit around in a shop before they are sold and everything has been transported in a dusty truck for days. This means that most things will be covered in some form of rat, cow or miscellaneous urine. Let alone other crasy things.
    • Some interesting water advice, Water is quite dependent on your weather and location conditions, make sure you always asses them. If it is very hot, but you know you are in water buying proximity, wait till you get thirsty, then you can enjoy lots of delicious cold cold water all at once. 
    • Side note: If you are in a house with a fridge, go right now and put a bottle of water in there, once chilled, pour yourself a big cup and drink at your pleasure. Perhaps you will never know how amazing that is, but try, or if you do, remember. Do this now for my sake. This is truly an overlooked luxury of life.
  6. Mosquitoes, if you have a room with an external door or window, it is best to never air or vent your room. Also keep your bathroom door shut if there is a window too. Restricting insect access is of the highest priority. This of course is also quite weather (season), location and window mesh (tho this normally sucks) dependent. Either way make sure to keep repellent close to your bed.
  7. If you do not know where you are going, it is really hard going anywhere. You end up at night at lonely abandoned places. An end goal is essential. Although this rule is not always true, I will say it perhaps is my prefrence now. It could be seen as opposite the spirit of adventure, but I disagree. (Thus have finally included in it my rule list)
  8. Always settle a price before hand. You lose all bargaining power after you have received goods or services (but are still yet to pay). They simply will not barter. You also lose some of the most powerful techniques, such as the walk out and the feign interest.
  9. Be careful of the ‘1rs scam’. this is where something at first sounds reasonable but then quickly and most dangerously escalates in price without an easily discernible warning or notice. To spot this scam is simple really, basically check if the service price sounds reasonable. If so, well there you have it, the 1rs scam in sight. For example, a 10rs head and neck massage is a common offer on the bank of the Ganges, though this will quickly lead to shoulders, lower back, arms etc etc, it is very hard to know when one stops and the other begins… then all of a sudden… bam! ‘500rs please, you just had the full treatment’.
    • Scams, dont fall for them, they make life expensive.
    • Note: this scam is an exploitation of the rule 8 principal. As you receive a service (albeit unknowingly) without first a settled price.
    • Side Note: I did have my first ass massage during a similar, tho less expensive, experience.

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