and next year is planned

so today i have roughly 2 weeks of visa in nepal left. What to do? Well, we will get to that in a few minutes. First some news and stories.

So i went to a bank to open an account. Walking in past the (security) guy causally holding the 12 inch gorkha nife. I learnt some funny things about banks here. First they won’t give you foreign currency… they only give to locals… a little annoying. Second, they have no such thing as ‘withdrawal forms’. You have to write a cheque to yourself. This led to a confusing situation since I told them ‘of course I dont need a cheque book, no one uses them these days’… turns out nepal made a system to keep them in use. You also do not require any id for withdrawing and anyone can get your statement by just asking.

We installed our first illegal bike modifications last week. A lovely under the seat set of speakers and accompanying mp3 player. This will add another edge of awesome to those long trips to the village.

Orphanage news in short: With the arrival of winter we have started 6am runs with the kids. All my coffee recently tastes spicy since I bought beans and we only have one mortar (which we grind everything on.. including the chillies). All the kids got caned recently with my big bamboo cane. We fixed the table tennis table, painted it green and I think all my lice have finally gone.

Ok so I ran out of time to write this, anyway here it is in brief: a few days ago I got accepted into a uni here and will begin studying nepali in a one year course starting in feb. This means I get the cheap study visa!

We are off now on a trip down to the border to pick the girls up from India. Exciting. I hope it goes well.




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