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so i was going to write again about my recent adventures, tell you about the funny things that have happened recently, things like finding my shower taps in bodhgaya mildly electrified or recounting tales of gypsy encounters whilst camping in a bear forest in the kashmere’ mountains. But this time i decided against another round of story telling. Instead, rather than presenting recent events, i will present recent thoughts. Here goes:


ok sorry, this is a bit of a let down, as i actually wont be presenting recent thoughts….. i kinda never finished writing them. This is what has led to the delay in all posting related activities. so i have benched that idea and will proceed with the small talk stuff.


it is getting cold here. Himalayan winter type cold. a few months back i was in Varanasi. then i traveled by various modes of transport up to Leh. thats quite far away. Rainy time is a hard time of year to travel up that way. anyway, now i am back in Kathmandu. the cold place. we harvested some rice and we made a building.


recently some western people were talking to some other western people in another place. about giving. one person was like ‘man people dont like giving money, tell them to give things instead, thats way easier and better’. here is how i feel about this: is the stigma regarding giving money so huge? like ‘we cannot give you money since we dont really trust you, i bet you are just a fat guy in an office lounging back smoking two cigars at once, or wait, perhaps you are just so so poor that you will just waste it since you are also uneducated. wow i know, how about take our crap instead eh. i once bought this thing to fulfill my life and now only the new thing will, so here, take my left overs. when i think of giving stuff that wont affect me i dont consider my former opinions or even your conditions so much….’


ok sidetracked a little. so anyway people ask, what can we send you? like stuff wise? i reply, awesome! the things we need are food, clean water, shelter, education and love. here is our po box number…. like really, you thought it was your wall mart dvd player that we need?


anyway, i have a quiet two weeks here till cherie and catherine arrive to check out the place for a bit. i should get around to finishing my other post thing. perhaps it can be a little less cynical.

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