One flight, one night and four rides.

So I flew to Timaru yesterday. It was the first time I have been this far south. Quite exciting.


Just as I was leaving the plane, the lady in front of me turns and asks:

¨Do you have a ride to town? I have a taxi waiting if you wanna join me¨


Turns out the airport is like 10k from the city. That worked out well.


Then I spent the night under a bush. The south island is very cold at night time.



Today was also successful. I stood in the beautiful sun and surroundings, saw many lakes and hills and ran over a Weka. (The Weka part was not so much success as accident, and im not even sure it was a Weka, just a poor little black thing who liked to play on the road)


Four rides later I am now sitting in Queenstown looking at the Remarkables.


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