At grg and sach’s.

14 riders later I arrive in Nelson.


Have been having a grand time, singing, dancing, frying. Grg and I wrote a lovely air app. Been running in the hills. Watering at the local spots. Sun indeed. Heading to chch tomorrow, fly out on the 17th.


Prepare your outside work,

Make it fit for yourself in the field;

And afterward…

One flight, one night and four rides.

So I flew to Timaru yesterday. It was the first time I have been this far south. Quite exciting. Just as I was leaving the plane, the lady in front of me turns and asks ´Do you have a ride to town? I have a taxi waiting if you wanna join me´
Turns out the airport is like 10k from the city. That worked out well.
Then I spent the night under a bush. The south island…