Life Tip: Salt

Tips for using salt.   Number one: always make sure the salt pouring part is not set to the big setting before salt pouring commences.

Quote: Marcus Brigstocke

“Computer games don’t affect kids, I mean if Pac Man affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music.”


symfony shortcut build scripts

My shortcut scripts for building symfony projects. I store these in one letter commands, eg: my build is /bin/f


Build Propel:

#!/bin/bashecho “Tryin to build all symfony OBJECTS…”./symfony propel:build-model./symfony propel:build-sql./symfony propel:build-forms./symfony propel:build-filtersecho “Build attempt finished”


Load Propel:

#!/bin/bashecho “Tryin to load all symfony DATA…”./symfony propel:insert-sql –env=dev  –no-confirmation./symfony propel:data-load –env=dev

Build Doctrine:

#!/bin/sh#./symfony doctrine:clean-model-files ./symfony doctrine:build –all-classes –sql

Load Doctrine:

#!/bin/sh./symfony doctrine:drop-db./symfony doctrine:build-db./symfony doctrine:insert-sql –env=dev./symfony…

Alasdair I. C. Heron

In regards to current Church inability or unwillingness to deal with resurgent heresy’s. “Protestant theology has been especially weak here, for it suffers from what at times appears to be a pathological inability to recognize that fundamental questions were both raised and decisively answered in the period between the days of the apostles and those […]

Kierkegaard: Journals 1834-1854

This so far is my favourite extract:


There is only one mistake in Kant’s theory of radical evil. He does not make it clear that the inexplicable, the paradox, is a category of its own. Everything depends upon that. Until now, people have always expressed themselves in the following way: the knowledge that one cannot understand this or the other thing does not satisfy science, the aim of which is to understand. Here is the mistake;…

We can’t even look at the sun

The sun is like 150 million k’s away. We cannot even look at it with the naken eye for a second without its glory overwhelming us. Yer we stand in the presense of the most high God without qualm. Oh how lightly we take the righteousness of Christ. We boldly approach the throne of grace yes, but we neglect to see anything. Where we are, who is there or how we got there.