whats this? new MCMS! Version 3.x is rolling out.

We are pleased to announce the new release of our CMS type thing. Look how pretty it is:

Our developement has been on hold for a while for various life reasons. But finially, we have a nice symfony 1.4 release:
http://svn.malarky.co.nz/sfMCMSPlugin/trunk (anon:anon)
(trunk for now, we will branch in a few weeks to: http://svn.malarky.co.nz/sfMCMSPlugin/branches/1.4)

Symfony: Admin generator, cannot change a FK value

If you have a fk field (lets say a sfwidgetformpropelchoice) and you are using the admin generator, but when attempting to change the value of this field the form is successfully posting, but nothing is changing. Check to make sure the field is not also a PK!